Rocket Dog rescue is on a mission to help Sato dogs in Puerto Rico

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In Puerto Rico, an estimated 200,000 unwanted and abused Dogs roam the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico.

These dogs are known in Puerto Rico as SATO
(Slang for Stray Dog)

More than 92% of all dogs picked up are euthanized, approximately
500 each and every day.

So the Bay Area Rescue Group, Rocket Dog Rescue
is heading to Puerto Rico to save these sweet souls.

Rocketdog's biggest goal in Puerto Rico is to support local efforts to develop and increase access to spay/neuter, vaccinations and other needed treatments for fleas, ticks and mange thus improving the lives of all.

Rocket dog rescue is an all volunteer run organization. We're funded only with donations. We're really known to be the rebel rescue. We step into some of the harder cases, you know we're called in as first responders for hoarding, neglect, abuse.

In order to save these dogs,, we need your help, We need to raise money for food, vet care, & transport of dogs back to California.

Help us to make a difference in these beautiful animals lives.

Please Donate today at https://www.rocketdogrescue.org/donate/

286 Views 3.29 On 24 Ratings Rate it


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