New Beginnings for Hippo Mange Dogs

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Shrek and Fiona were found abandoned on the streets of Merced County, California. Someone threw a bunch of food out and when the pups went to eat they left them. Heartless!

Thankfully, a man picked them up and got them to New Beginnings for Merced Animals. Then, the amazing non for profit, Dog is my Co-Pilot took them on a flight of a lifetime to find their new home in Montana. Lynette Duford of Lifesavers Animal Rescue took them in and brought them back to health by curing their life threatening mange using the product Bravecto. Now, these sweet pups are truly ready to find their forever homes.

To adopt Shrek and Fiona please reach out to: http://www.lsar.org/

Please support New Beginnings for Merced County Animals by donating at: http://www.newbeginningsforanimalsmerced.org/

Please support Dog is my Co-Pilot at: https://dogcopilot.org/

Please support Lifesavers Animal Rescue at: http://www.lsar.org/

683 Views 4 On 10 Ratings Rate it