The Bear and The Rat Frozen Yogurt for Dogs!

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Dogparks.tv was hired by the amazing team at The Bear and The Rat to produce this fun and engaging video about the yummy frozen yogurt treats for dogs. The frozen yogurt dog treats are full of quality ingredients like Applewood smoked bacon, banana and pumpkin. Each cup of "Cool Treats" is packed with billions of probiotics, making them a favorite for pups and their parents. Check them out at Cooltreatsfordogs.com and let us know if we can make you some amazing video content for your product at Woof@dogparks.tv

:02 Its just a wholesome simple
treat and dog just go crazy for it.

Sample for your

:24 Yes,


Thank You!

:30 We got
frozen yogurt for dogs!

:39 This is real ingredients. All natural non-fat yogurt. You could totally eat it yourself.

:46 It's so good for their digestive system. Its good for immunity and it can even help with doggie breath if given regularly.

:55 I share this with all of her friends so every-time we meet someone this is one of the first gifts we bring them.

1:00 Of course, dogs love bacon and
peanut butter. Delicious!

1:04 I love The Bear and The Rat!

1:06 The Bear and The Rat!


236 Views 5 On 2 Ratings Rate it