Seriously, why is it that Pitbulls get such a bad rap?

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Seriously, why is it that Pitbulls get such a bad rap? As someone who has owned a pitbull and know many people with them themselves, something has gone wrong that they are being targeting as the dangerous dog. All dogs are capable of biting and no one breed of dog should be singled out. Lets treat each
dog as an individual and not target an entire the breed. Humans would be in big trouble if we were all judged on the merits of some of our most notorious fellow humans.

:02 My name is Cheeto

:04 My dogs name is Baja

:06 We believe is Staffordshire Terrier but we have not done the DNA Test.

:10 We got Baja when the Los Banos Animal Shelter was in crisis

:15 and they are a high kill shelter

:17 and a few years ago they were completely overcrowded

:20 So we went down there to sponsor as many dogs as we could

:23 which meant we were going to pay the adoption fees for as many

:26 dogs as we could afford to pay and that way

:28 if people in the area, went to the shelter, saw the dog, liked the dog

:31 wanted to take the dog home, they didnt have to pay anything

:34 for the dog.

:36 Baja had been adopted too early from his mom

:39 and that he was really sick. He had mange. He had parasites and severe allergies.

:45 and she couldn't afford all the medical bills.

:47 So we ended up taking him in and we got him healthy

:51 We got him happy

:53 and when he turned 9 weeks old, we enrolled into his first training class.

:55 and we've been training with him ever since.

:59 Just because I know with his breed, you pretty much have a political debate with a tail.

1:03 and we didn't want any excuses

1:05 You know, my dog is going to be a good dog

1:07 I don't care what kind of breed he is

1:09 I don't care about the stigma or anything that the media says

1:14 I'm going to do what I can to make sure my dog has the best chance at a happy life as possible

1:17 With Baja's personality, he's super inviting to everybody, I mean even elderly folks that are in wheelchairs fall in love with him and are petting him and get kisses from him.

1:30 and then they ask what kind of breed he is and when I tell them he's considered pitbull they are surprised and that to me is a win because people have a pre-conceived notion of what kind of dogs that are classified as pitbulls are and what they're like

1:43 and when we can already destroy that barrier, without even telling them that he is pitbull, thats exactly what we are here for.

1:50 We want him to be an ambassador for the breed and we want to show people that, it doesn't matter the type of dog. You get what you put in.

1:57 and if your more focused on behavior elements with your dog and you work with them and learn to communicate with them, then your going to have a good dog and thats going to make them happy.

2:07 and a happy dog is really all you need.

2:12 We own a grooming shop in Sunnyvale, CA. The name of it is Canine Showcase. Baja gets to interact with 20 dogs everyday and he is excited to meet every single one of them.

2:28 We do end up catering to a lot of what we classify as special needs dogs which can be anything from a senior pet who just needs a little extra love to an animal thats not as comfortable to get groomed as your everyday animal to where they need extra breaks or just extra attention, you know whatever it takes.

2:45 Baja is just happy to be, he's happy to live, and he wakes up everyday determined to melt as many hearts as he possibly can.

2:54 If I was half as happy as Baja was to wake up everyday, I mean we would be winning you know.

Good job, Hiccup

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