Meet Gus Gus in the city. A French Bulldog who models, is a pet influencer and an all around fun loving pup.

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Meet Gus Gus in the City. A pet influencer, model and all around amazing french bulldog living the good life with his mom, Katie. He will make you laugh, inspire you and make your day in general. GUS GUS |🔹| FRENCHIE 🔹French Bulldog 🔹Minneapolis, MN 🔹8-10-15 🔹Lives to love, born to model, loves to cuddle 🔹#gusgusinthecity

:03 My name's Katie

:04 And this is Gus Gus in the city

:05 and we are from Minneapolis, Minnesota

:07 Well, his full name is Augustus

:10 but then he was so Roly-Poly

:12 He reminded me of Gus Gus from Cinderella

:15 We do city shoots all the time

:18 so thats how we got the name Gus Gus in the City

:19 Um, I fell in love with the Modern Family French Bulldog

:21 and so i started researching

:23 and then I found gus gus

:25 we have a manager we work with

:28 and they help us find different promotions

:31 and then we also model for Woof Out West

:33 and Frenchie Bulldog, which is a harness company

:37 Well, he's a natural model so he just sits there and poses for the photos

:40 This costume is from Pandaloon. Its a front facing costume and it comes in six different animals.

:45 If you check out his instagram @Gusgusinthecity

:50 he has a lot of frenchie fits so I call him a Gremlin

:55 Hi Mom then laughing

:60 60 Second Dogumentary from www.dogparks.tv

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214 Views 0 Ratings Rate it