Rumple the Pitbull Puppy

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Sometimes life is a series of,moment by moment. being in the right place-
One Saturday, Rocket Dog Rescue was at an adoption event getting ready to pack up - when a box was handed to us-it was found behind a grocery store by the dumpster in Oakland..
And in that box was the tiniest scabbiest stinkiest sweetest puppy of all time, eyes swollen and scabbed closed, tiny little tail wagging like crazy for each soft voice - putting his face up to us and not complaining a bit while we wiped his eyes with warm water.
We named him rumple
..cause..we’ll..look at him.
Tiny rumple pup.
We found out a few hours later that also inside that box with rumple was a loaded gun.
Wayyy too much chaos and hardship for this tiny little 8 week old life to have experienced. But that’s all over now baby rumple. Everyday from this one forward is gonna be your best ever.

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291 Views 5 On 2 Ratings Rate it