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Milo Foundation saves animal's lives in the Central Valley of California

THE MILO FOUNDATION was named after an Australian Shepherd. Milo was five weeks old when Lynne Tingle discovered that her puppy was both deaf and blind. Despite concerns from friends and family, Lynne was determined to give Milo a good life. Now 28 years later, the Milo foundation is giving hundreds of dogs and cats a new lease on life each year. Merced county, California has always been known as a high kill shelter but with the help of the Milo Foundation, dogs and cats are being rescued. Milo foundation finds them new homes and new loving families. Please rescue and donate from the Milo Foundation at http://www.milofoundation.org/

:05 Hi, I'm Lynne Tingle. I'm the Founder and Director of the Milo Foundation.

:08 The Milo Foundation has been rescuing animals from the Merced Shelter since 1998.

:14 It used to be about 85% kill rate. Now rescue has really made a huge impact.

:19 We do our best to get as many animals out of the county as possible.

:27 "We're going to take this one"

:29 "This mom and her kittens"

:31 In the Central Valley of California, there are just too many animals that are not altered.

:36 People don't make the commitment to keep an animal as a pet and part of their family.

:41 This shelter is inundated with new arrivals...daily

:46 There is always puppies and kittens to get out of here as well as adult dogs and cats that need good homes.

Adopt today at Milofoundation.org

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