Cool New Pet Products from SuperZoo 2018

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We love cool new pet products here at Dogparks.tv and we bet you do to. New pet products are launched every day but a few times a year, people in the pet industry gather for the largest exhibition of those products. Well, welcome to Superzoo 2018 where you'll get to meet a few of the products on display at the show.

First up is, the bear and the rat. The bear and the rat got their name from their 2 pups. One is a Lhapsa Opsa and the other is a rat terrier. Come hear their story and check out their line of frozen yogurts and new goat milk supplements.

Next up is everyone's favorite dog toy company, Kong. Well this year they have a really cool new foam toy called the Rogz Pop-up. Its really neat. You toss it and it pops back up upright whether on the grass or in the water. https://amzn.to/2KrZOcX

Next, is Nap Cap....This is a super clever product that features a giant ballcap with your. favorite teams logo on it and room on the inside for your pet to sleep...Yeah, super cool for sure. Definitely a must have for the sports loving pet lover. https://amzn.to/2lDXJfg

Next is a really far out product called Clover Pet. Your pet will. feel like its living in the space age with these athmospheric pet carriers featuring a bubble window for your pet to look out. They will think they are heading for the International space station. Order yours today and take your pet on an amazing journey: https://amzn.to/2lIk0Z6

Next up, is a really cool sustainable product called Molly Mutt. Molly makes really beautiful designed dog beds, car covers, etc. Whats really neat about her dog bed is tha tyou stuff it with your old clothes, sheets, towels, etc. What a great idea! You get to save the environment and your pet gets that extra comfort of having your smell around them at all times. Love it. Order today here: https://amzn.to/2tD69rp

Ok, we all ove to take our pups for a hike in the summer but one of the things we are always concerned about is those creepy crawly blood suckers the tick. Well, fear no more, the original tick key has a great way to rid your dogs of those stoways and remove them without harm to your pup. Get one here: https://amzn.to/2tFZAVb

Next up is a really unique and cool idea from so cool guys from Boston. They were on vacation in Hawaii and saw some dogs run around with coconuts in their mouths...Lightbulb moment...Why not make a dog toy out of coconuts and there was born the Coco Chew. Great for your dogs teeth and environmentally friendly. Thumbs up from Hiccup.

Well, thats our rundown for Day 1 at Superzoo 2018. Stay tuned for Day our Day 2 picks

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