What’s it like to own a three-legged (tripod) dog?

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What's it like to own a Three-Legged dog?

I can tell you from attending the annual Tri-pawed picnic in San Francisco that three-legged dogs have amazing and happy lives. Dogs are incredibly resilient and also there are tons of great products out there for your tripod pup.

One of the coolest tripod accessories I have seen is the Walkin Wheels for helping pups who need back end support. They make the wheels for all size dog.

Every year, Franny Panny puts on the Tri Pawed Dog Picnic in San Francisco for handicapable pups. See the event from 2016 at Duboce Park with these lovable Tripods.

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:03 I'm Franny Panny

:04 This a picnic for Three-legged dogs

:08 It's been going on for 6 years now

:10 I've been putting on

:11 Dogs with cones, casts, one eye, wheelchairs,

:15 blind, deaf, toothless, old age dogs

:18 They are all welcome

:20 This is Axl

:21 He's really, really coordinated

:23 He runs with me. He hikes with me.

:24 He can swim. He can dig.

:26 He's pretty much just a happy dog.

:27 I give away a button, to all participants

:30 and people who support 3 legged dogs

:32 and this is Tryly

:34 He lives in San Diego

:37 This is Brody. He was hit by a car and he had brachial nerve plexis damage

:43 and so they amputated the leg at U.C. Davis

:47 but it took him about 2 weeks to figure it out and he's been an awesome since.

:51 Same spirit. Same energy.

:54 Its really sweet to see other 3 legged pups. Its just really sweet.

:57 Good job, Hiccup

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229 Views 5 On 1 Rating Rate it