This Little Piggy went to the……

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Come meet Winston the Pig who frequents the Penn Valley Dog Park in Kansas City, MO. He's one special dog, I mean pig =)

:15 I have a pet pig. He's a miniature pig.

:19 My pigs name is Winston

:22 I always wanted a pig growing up so I had a family friend that had a pot belly pig. I became interested in them. Found a breeder on Facebook and started following her and ended up getting one.

:35 I've had Winston for almost a year. He turns a year next month actually.

:43 Winston is about 45 pounds now. He can continue to grow wider. He won't get much taller. So he's probably just over a foot and a half tall now and about 45 pounds.

:55 He likes to find the dogs on the big dog side of the park and become friends with them. He'll run up and down the fence, back and forth if he finds a friend on the other side.

1:10 This is my dog, Daisy. She's a Welsh Terrier. She's been playing with Winston since he was a piglet.

1:19 They love playing together.

1:21 She chases him usually. Follows him around. While he sniffs and eats the grass. And every once in a while he will get some energy and run around like a dog.

1:33 Daisy will follow him so closely she will pull his poop out. With her teeth. lol.

1:42 Winston's mom has to pick up his poop pretty quick. Cause I'm going to grab Daisy back.

2:10 Pigs are pretty similar to dogs when it comes to training them. He can sit, shake, jump and spin. He's learned all of them in a couple of days. He's potty pad trained like a regular dog can be. Harness trained so. He's just really funny to watch. His characteristics and personality.

2:30 His favorite dog toy would probably be a rope. Like he'll pull that around. Anything on the ground he'll just push around with his nose so he'll play with most toys.

2:37 He has multiple harnesses and that is what he grows out of the most.

2:42 He taught himself how to open up my fridge door. He would always watch me make breakfast in the mornings so he knew thats where his treats came from. I kept catching him with food in the living room and finally I caught him on camera one day. He props it open with his nose and he can get in there.

2:58 He has a little play pen and a bunch of blankets and he has a dog bed but he just flips it over, pulls the blankets on top and burrows underneath.

3:12 So cuddly. Anytime you are sitting down he's right on your lap. He needs to be right next to you. When I first brought him up here, he was very protective. He would always make sure if I was petting another dog to look up at me but most of the time now he's independent and will just graze around.

3:30 His food, I can't find anywhere around town since its a little different from the other foods so I go to Chewy.com and they send me all of his mini pig food.

3:40 It's Mazuri. It's actually active, adult mini-pig food. Looks like little pellets.

3:46 Winston loves when I go to Chewy.com to buy stuff for him.

3:50 People from here that hear about him from the other side, they will follow him on Instagram so they'll come up to me and ask me if its Winston that they follow on Instagram. So thats pretty funny.

4:00 Yeah, give me your Winst Instagram, Winstagram...Ha Ha

4:05 Its actually AdventuresofWinst0n and the O in Winston is a zero.

4:15 What would you say Winston's mantra for life is?

4:20 Life is a garden. Dig it. He digs everything with his nose.

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