Meet Hiccup the mange covered dog

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Thankfully, a Mexican dog rescue contacted San Francisco based Family Dog Rescue to help to find Hiccup a new home. Hiccup is loving life now and Hailey has a new best friend.

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:03 Hi, I'm Hailey and my dogs name is Hiccup

:07 Hiccup comes from the streets of Mexico

:10 and he was in really bad shape. He had mange all over his body.

:13 And they didn't think he would live.

:15 Which is sad. So thankfully a Mexican Dog Rescue came and got Hiccup and got him back to good health.

:21 They got in touch with Family Dog so they could find Hiccup a new home.

:25 We went to the new Open House at Family Dog Rescue. We toured the place, looked at some doggies, and then we found Hiccup.

:32 Then we fostered him for a couple of days and then after a few minutes, we completely just fell in love with him.

:38 We were like, DOG....You will be mine =)

:42 What Hiccup loves to do most is go to the dog park, chase around some other dogs

:48 Hiccup loves to play with his Chuckit! Petmate Ball. Its the breathable ball. He loves it.

:50 Hiccup has changed my life by making me happier than I have ever been before. He just gives you the love that you need.

201 Views 5 On 7 Ratings Rate it