What’s the best dog towel for drying your dog?

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Meet Roxi! She brings a smile to everyone she meets whether she is at the dog park, being a therapy dog at the hospital or doing tricks at Canine Circus School. In this video we meet Roxi and learn about her favorite ball then we learn how she started taking baths every day at the dog park lol. Well, she's definitely an expert on which towel drys the best. Roxi's owner then reviews 3 dog towels that she dries Roxi with. Come check it out and share with your friends. If you like any of the products Roxi features please click the link in this description.

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1st towel:
Kole - Ultra-Absorbent Pet Bath Towel for Small, Medium, Large Dogs and Cats, Machine Washable

2nd towel: Zwipes Large Microfiber Pet Towels (Size: 30" x 36"), 2-Pack Soft Terry Cleaning Cloths

3rd Towel:
SG- 1 Pcs Dirt Super Absorbent Microfiber Pet Bath Towels For Cleaning Dogs and Cats Hypoallergenic Chemical-Free Cleaning And Grooming Animal Blanket Cloths

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My dog is Roxi, its an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She’s obsessed with the ball that’s the only ball she wants at least at the dog park.
We only play with the blue one, that one comes with the black and blue but she looks at me with the disgusted look on her face if I try to give her the black one.
There’s a dog here at the dog park, when she was a puppy that will drop his ball and pee on it so another dog wouldn't take it, she ran right underneath him got peed on so dragged her down to the faucet and gave her a bath and she’s been begging for a dog park showers ever since.

I like this towel, the size is perfect, umm its thicker, its well made. Umm, It doesn’t have that, that micro fiber kinda slimy feel to it, it seemed to dry her really well, ummm I got one at home and I like it, ummm I would recommend having at least a couple because with the bigger dog, you’re gonna use more of it to dry, umm with the smaller dog, it makes it real easy.
You’ve got two different side. You got the more flush side that it feels good on the on their skin, you’re got this side here that would probably dry just as well but it doesn’t retained the water as much, so it makes it nice and it'll probably wash and dry up really nicely too. So I definitely like the size the best on this one.

This towel is nice too, umm it, it was a decent size, umm I like that it had a little bit of a ruffly texture on this side here, ummm it wasn’t as nice as the previous towel but this would have been my second choice.

This towel is really cute, I wanted to really like it, its too big really for me to managed, ummm I like a smaller one, that makes it easier to get all around the dog, umm it did dry pretty well, ummm its thinner, I don’t think it will hold up as well as the first one, ummm as much as I like the color and the design, I have to say this is probably my least favorite, just for functionally. For the cuteness though, it gets high marks.

She’s been a certified therapy dog for past 5 years, umm, she’s reached the distinguish level certified through the American Kennel Club, which means she’s done over 400 visits, I think we’re up 550 now? Umm, She visit every week at kaiser permanente in San Leandro and she also visit at a local mental health facility and wherever else were needed. She entertains everybody by doing tricks for the patients, she goes K9 circus school, so she learns a lot of fun tricks and she’s just the biggest clown and she’s a total ham??? And loves it… and she’s a total flirt with men.
Roxi’s mantra for life is be silly, be crazy, be muddy, be flirty, be whatever because life is too short to be anything but happy.

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