Tahoe City Dog Park

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Hi, this is Michael Matassa with Dogparkstv. Happy Thanksgiving! Today were at Tahoe City Dog park in Lake Tahoe. Come check it out with me and Hiccup!

Renae & Dan Breck
Tahoe City Locals

I love this park, just because it brings the community together and basically everyone here has dogs so, haha, it’s super convenient, yah

So one thing about this park is it’s right next to the soft ball field, so they’re are sign all over the place, that says be aware of flying golfballs and softballs.
Also there’s a good bit of seating at this park, there’s a picnic table and there’s also some chairs.
The playing field for the dogs here is mostly made out of grass, but if it rains, it gets muddy like it is today, something to be aware of but it’s still a great park and remember always pick up after your dog.
Tahoe City Dog Park has it own dog bag, so grab one and pick up your dogs poop.
Oh one more thing about this dog park is that, there’s no water for your dog in the winter time, you gotta bring your own water, obviously it gets very cold here and it will freeze.
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Tahoe City Dog park is right in the heart of Tahoe City. It sits next to a softball field so look out for flying balls but its literally one block away from the lake. There is just one park so big and small dogs share it together. Plenty of seating for humans and ample room to run for the pups.

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