America’s 1st Dog Park – Ohlone Dog Park

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Have you ever wondered where the 1st dog park was created in America? Well, here it is in Berkeley, California. Come check it out and donate to Ohlonedogpark.org if you want to help keep it flourishing.


Hi, this is Michael Matassa with dog parks.tv and today were in Berkeley California at America’s first dog park, Ohlone dog park.
Come check it out with me!

Michelle Layer
Dog Izzy

Ohlone is the name of a Native American tribe from the local area and this is the first dog park in America and this is my dog Izzy, she was rescue at Family dog rescue in San Francisco.

Lisa Jacobs
Dog: Bailey

I started coming here few months ago when I moved to Oakland from San Francisco and ummm, it’s really nice, it just have a lots of really really nice dogs and so this is Bailey, she’s a sweetheart, she just turned 5 and umm, I ah, she’s my third Rottweiler I love them.

Mara Guccione

I have 3 dogs and so it’s nice for me to be able to let them all off at the same time, and so what your seeing now is a new and improved park. It was just renovated last year, they changed some of the concretes, they put all these wood chips in and they created the small dog play area over there.

John Gorbandt
Dog: Berkeley

That’s our dog over there, that’s Berkeley she’s a jack chi, jack Russel and umm, chihuahua mix she’s 5 1/2 months old, so she,she umm she’s getting socialize over quite a bit so haha,

Yah it’s a, its a phenomenal resource, we need more of them in Berkeley, actually this is the one of 2 off leash areas, the other is at Cesar Chaves park down on the water front.
You know it’s a place you can let your dog off leash

This is a nice community, I just heard that, I think it’s a totally donor, like donor community run funded

Yah its a great place…

Thanks for checking out Ohlone Dog park with us in Berkeley California. Stay tuned for more great videos.

The City of Berkeley established the Experimental Dog Park in Ohlone Park at Hearst/Grant Streets in 1979. Now named the Martha Scott Benedict Memorial Park, this unique municipal facility provides a place where dogs can exercise off-leash safely, right in the heart of the city. Because the area is a real park and not simply a dog run, there is plenty of room for owners to relax and socialize along with their pets.

The Ohlone Dog Park Association (ODPA) was founded as a club in 1984, and became incorporated in 1986 as a California non-profit 501 (C) (3) educational corporation. ODPA has a mailing list of approximately 300 people interested in making the Dog Park a continuing success, in promoting the establishment of additional dog parks, and in improving conditions generally for dogs and dog owners in the Berkeley/East Bay area. Membership meetings are often held in conjunction with potluck dinners in pleasant surroundings, allowing our people to socialize away from the park, too.

Information courtesy of Ohlone Dog Park Association

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